Stories by Olga Golichenko

Merci, Président Hollande

France is showing the rest of the EU the way by introducing the new tax on financial transactions – but it could still do far more. Continue reading  >

What is on the screen and behind it?

The Alliance’s film ‘Somebody’s Mother, Somebody’s Brother’ is about the importance of harm reduction services in the everyday life of people who use drugs. It is about achievements and challenges, fears and aspirations of people around us.

The film made me reflect about the apparent and hidden realities of drug use in Ukraine. When watching the film I realised that I already met Alyona.

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EU leaders – put your Robin Hood hats on

At today’s ‘growth summit’ EU leaders must go on record and commit to allocate a proportion of a Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) for global development. An EU FTT which fails to fund global priorities, such as global health needs, would … Continue reading  >

Lord Fowler’s visit to Ukraine inspires HIV activists

Last week I had the great honour of accompanying Lord Fowler during his parliamentary field visit to Ukraine. Lord Fowler is a champion of evidence-informed HIV responses in the UK and internationally. He was instrumental to the UK’s ‘Don’t Die … Continue reading  >

Global health cooperation: what is next?

In November 2011, Action for Global Health participated in the Busan Aid Effectiveness Civil Society Forum and the High Level Forum together with health advocates from the Busan Health Working group convened by the network. You can read about the … Continue reading  >

Financial Transaction Tax and Aid Effectiveness: key moments and asks

This November provides decision-makers with two opportunities to make decisions which could make a huge difference to development and global health programmes. G-20 and High Level Meeting on Aid Effectiveness The first key moment is the G-20 summit taking place … Continue reading  >

Bankers party while poorest are getting poorer

“Only bankers will save the world” read a poster depicting a superhero at the City’s biggest banker summer party. I wonder where these Banker superheroes were during the recent financial crisis? As a result of the financial crisis, around 120 … Continue reading  >