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Is this the end of AIDS money in Africa?

I was travelling through Frankfurt airport when, bored with the long wait for my next flight, I decided to read the headlines in one of the ubiquitous bookstores at the airport. I chanced on an August 2010 issue of Foreign Policy, the influential American magazine.
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Attainment of health-related MDGs still a challenge in Zambia

Ten years after setting the Millennium Development Goals, many developing countries like Zambia are nowhere near to meeting the goals. One of the challenges is that national governments are not fulfilling the Abuja Declaration of 2001 in which African states made the commitments of allocating 15% of their national budget to the health sector.
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Uproar over arrest of TB patients

There is a raging debate in Kenya over where best to place those TB patients found flouting the Public Health Act by not adhering to treatment.
While the government thinks placing such culprits in prison…
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Experts tackle HIV within married and cohabiting couples

It’s just you and me…and my wife and your boyfriend…

This might sound like a humorous line but in Lesotho, which has one of the highest HIV prevalence rates in the world, this is the name of a play that has been developed to address the issue of multiple and concurrent partnerships.
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From temples to brothels: combating HIV and AIDS in Cambodia

The first case of HIV in Cambodia was detected in 1991 and by 1997 the HIV prevalence rate had grown rapidly to 2.2%, the highest prevalence rate in Asia at that time. The epidemic came at a fragile time when Cambodia was a country in recovery. The oppressive Pol Pot regime saw the genocide of 1.7 million people from 1975-1979 and was followed by a decade of political unrest and guerrilla warfare.
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Cultural barriers prevent Zambian women from protecting themselves against HIV

Kerria Nakazwe is married with three children. She was battered by her husband because she went for VCT in order to know her status. She demanded condom use when her husband returned after a week long absence from home. He spent the week at the other woman’s home.
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Rape, violence and HIV transmission in Cambodia

We departed from Phnom Penh and drove towards Preah Sihanouk Province. After about three and half hours we looked out of the window on the right-hand side and saw an abandoned train station, where many people are now living.

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Vienna 2010: TNT – Test and treat or trick and treat?

One of the burning issues that received a lot of pros and cons from the community is the Test and Treat Project, popularly known as TNT.
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Vienna 2010: International community blasted for poor response to Zimbabwe’s sexual violence atrocities

The regional and international community has come under fire for ignoring the sexual rights abuses that have occurred in Zimbabwe since the 2008 elections orgy of rape and intimidation

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Vienna 2010: Service gaps for spouses in targeted intervention programs for IDUs

The first HIV cases in Manipur, India, were reported from a study of random blood samples of injecting drug users (IDUs) who were incarcerated in 1989-90.
Writes Key Correspondent, Ishwar Haobam.
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