Stories by The KC team

Condom use a source of worry to married couples in Zambia

Condoms are still the most effective barrier to HIV transmission and other sexually transmitted infections as well as preventing unplanned pregnancies. But some married couples in Zambia say they pose risks to marital traditions.
Writes Key Correspondent, Chrispin Hangombwa. Continue reading  >

Kenya may not achieve MDG 5 on maternal health, say experts

Experts have faulted Kenya’s roadmap towards achieving safe motherhood indicating that the East African country may not achieve the 2015 MDG target on maternal health.
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Stigma prevents women testing for HIV in Uganda

Stigma continues to prevent people from testing for HIV and accessing life saving drugs in Uganda. It has also been a prominent cause of domestic violence.
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Cambodian woman dies in childbirth owing to HIV status

A Cambodian woman living with HIV was not treated quickly enough owing to her HIV status and consequently died in childbirth.
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Condoms run out in Kenya

Kenya has a shortage of condoms and there are fears that new HIV infections may temporarily rise.
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Stock outs: what is the most cost effective way of managing them?

When a pharmacy has no medicine on the shelf, it is known as a drug stock out. It may happen for one medicine or, in the worst case scenario, for all medicines. In Uganda essential medicines are not available in 32-50% of Government health facilities across the country according WHO (2008).
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Rape of minors threatens HIV prevention efforts in Zimbabwe

Headlines like ‘Priest charged with raping minor’, ‘Man rapes stepdaughter’ and ‘Uncle (33) rapes girl (15)’ are becoming part of a daily diet in Zimbabwe ’s media and such cases are threatening the country’s fight against the HIV and AIDS pandemic, according to child rights groups.
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Zimbabwe Government to review Public Health Act

Resistance by members of some religious groups in Zimbabwe to get their children immunized has caused a lot of preventable deaths. As a result, the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare is reviewing the Public Health Act with a view to making the vaccination of children compulsory.
Writes Key Correspondent, Wallace Mawire. Continue reading  >

Questioning assumptions about multiple sexual partnerships

Multiple sexual partnerships in Sub-Saharan Africa have no correlation to the region’s high HIV prevalence, a new study in the Journal of AIDS reveals. The study points out that it is erroneous to assume that those in partnerships have sexual contact with each partner every day.
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The birth of the long-awaited ‘UN Women’

Women are celebrating the creation of new UN Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women, to be known as UN Women, after four years of intense advocacy.
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