Stories by The KC team

Maternal care failing African women

Maternal mortality is still is a major problem in many developing countries, especially in sub Sahara Africa. The story of Naomi Ondeng, a Kenyan women who lost her child during delivery then faced stigma after being left incontinent by the labour, shows the impact poor maternal care can have on women’s lives. Continue reading  >

‘The health unit is more sick than the patient’: Ugandan maternal care causing deaths say campaigners

Demonstrators have protested in Mityana District, Uganda over the government’s failure to provide essential services for pregnant women, which they say are causing needless deaths. Key Correspondent Sharifah investigates. Continue reading  >

HIV stigma in Kenya, a positive woman’s story

Even after 20 years of HIV/AIDS awareness in Kenya, HIV has remained a silent problem in many affected families. Stigma and discrimination of HIV positive persons, even between spouses, is rampant.
Writes Key Correspondent, Patrick Mutish. Continue reading  >

A death in Uganda – why homophobics may be protesting too much

The murder of David Kato, a Ugandan gay rights activist, has sent shockwaves around the globe. Suppression of minorities must be stopped; though there may be other reasons for the violent reactions.
Writes Key Correspondent, Ian Hodgson. Continue reading  >

Communities challenge female genital mutilation

The Somali community living in the Northern Kenyan towns of Wajir, Mandera and Garissa still practice female genital mutilation but women’s and religious groups are challenging the ritual.
Writes Key Correspondent, Abjata Khalif. Continue reading  >

Myanmar lacks sufficient healthcare and excludes PLHIV

After the Nobel peace prize winner and the opposition leader Aung San Su Kyi visited an HIV centre, the military dictatorship drove out all HIV patients.
Writes Key Correspondent, Paradize. Continue reading  >

Kenyan PM criticises homosexuality and sets back fight against HIV

The fight against HIV and AIDS in Kenya will suffer irreparably following calls by the Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga for the arrest of men who have sex with men in the country, members of the Gay and Lesbian Coalition of Kenya have said.
Writes Key Correspondent, Henry Neondo. Continue reading  >

Call for solidarity on World AIDS Day 2010

My message as a KC living with HIV is: the time is now for people living with HIV, human rights activists, programmers and those living affected with the epidemic to call for solidarity and help keep HIV on the frontlines to save hundreds of thousands of lives.
Writes Key Correspondent, Banza Chela. Continue reading  >

TB campaigns and cultural belief in rural Kenya

A TB awareness campaign is reaching out to pastoralists in remote areas of Northern Kenya to dispel myths that TB is incurable and caused by curses.
Writes Key Correspondent, Abjata Khalif. Continue reading  >

Moonlight VCTs challenge stigma amongst Muslims in Northern Kenya

Community health workers are trying innovative ways to break HIV stigma among Muslims in Northern Kenya, including a night-time mobile testing service.
Writes Key Correspondent, David Njagi. Continue reading  >