Stories by The KC team

AIDS 2012: expectations and questions

By Key Correspondent Prakash Tyagi* (India) This post first appeared on AIDS 2012 official blog on 27 June. The International AIDS Conference is returning to the US after 22 years. Undoubtedly, the interest levels will be high and the expectations … Continue reading  >

Where to now? The impact of shrinking funding on St. Kitts and Nevis’ HIV response

KC Pauline Ngunjiri on the issues facing St. Kitts and Nevis as direct donor funding for the islands’ HIV response continues to shrink. Continue reading  >

Back from the dead: the story of Elizabeth

KC Sidi Sarro returns to visit Elizabeth, a 32-year-old from Kenya’s Kawangware slum who was close to death with TB six-months-ago Continue reading  >

ICASA 2011: My personal reflections

As the 16th International Conference on AIDS and STIs in Africa draws to a close today, KC Chineduari from Zambia gives her personal reflections Continue reading  >

Thirty years of AIDS in Uganda: how we lost the global lead in combating HIV

Uganda has been touted as an AIDS success story but recent worrying trends suggest Uganda is losing its global AIDS response leadership. Continue reading  >

Horn of Africa drought: let us not forget what else may come

With the rapid, large influx of people at refugee camps in both Kenya and Ethiopia, we must start thinking about other, long term health issues, as well as the current crisis. We need to start planning for what the refugees may face health wise in the long term, argues KC Kundal D Patel. Continue reading  >

The future of TB diagnosis: the paradigm shift?

Over a hundred years into the current fight against tuberculosis (TB), it remains one of the world’s most critical medical and public health challenges. Not only has the disease steadily caused a great deal of illness and death over the years, tackling it has become more complex and difficult, writes Key Correspondent Prakash Tyagi Continue reading  >

Can we treat our way out of the HIV epidemic?

KC Henry Zakumumpa on Ugandan perspectives on the debate surrounding HIV treatment versus HIV prevention. Continue reading  >

Roman circus

What has June’s UN High Level Meeting on AIDS/HIV actually achieved? Javier Hourcade Bellocq gives his view. Continue reading  >

Living with the tiger, living without stigma

HIV stigma can destroy lives, more so than the infection itself. An orphanage in Lopburi province, Thailand has addressed this global problem and proves that, without stigma, children with HIV can have amazing lives, writes KC Kunald Patel. Continue reading  >