Stories by Gitau Mburu

How communities have helped transform the global HIV response

As World AIDS Day approaches, let’s pause for a second to pay tribute to the tremendous efforts around the globe which have resulted in more than eight million people having access to lifesaving HIV treatment today. According to UNAIDS’ Global … Continue reading  >

World TB Day 2012 questions and answers

This week, to mark World TB Day 2012 (24 March), I will be answering questions on TB and HIV. First we look at HIV and TB service integration, and further down the page I have posted answers to questions readers … Continue reading  >

TB and HIV in Ukraine: A wake-up call

I recently attended a roundtable discussion at the European Parliament in Brussels and woke up to the unpleasant fact that Ukraine is now not only faced with the double tragedy of MDR-TB and HIV, but it has an additional challenge of dealing with the fragmented care for people who use drugs, which in itself continues to catalyze the growth of both HIV and TB epidemics, in a rather complex interaction of factors. Continue reading  >

Tuberculosis: Time to Re-think

First published on the Global Health blog, 23 March 2011: Marking World TB day on the 24th March will be a stark reminder that TB remains the single most important threat to the 33 million people living with HIV today. Continue reading  >

The Pope, condoms and combination prevention

This years’ World AIDS Day marks an important milestone in the fight against HIV and AIDS. The recent pronouncements by the Pope of the Catholic Church have signalled an important milestone towards embracing universal condom use for HIV prevention. Continue reading  >

Greater commitment required to combat HIV/TB

Millions of people struggle each year with tuberculosis (TB) and other lung diseases. At the end of 2008 there were more than 9 million people with TB, of which 1.4 million were co-infected with HIV. Continue reading  >

Is AIDS no longer fashionable?

Why are leaders ignoring the impact of HIV on mothers and children? Insights from a tropical doctor. Continue reading  >