Stories by Felicia Wong

Looking to the future: HIV in a post-MDG world

The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), the framework which we currently use to measure development, will come to an end in 2015. How will this affect the HIV response? I’m not making any predictions at this point but what I do … Continue reading  >

Working smarter to end HIV in a generation

In October, an alarming article in The Lancet by Heffron et al reported that women using injectable contraceptives were twice as likely to either pass HIV to their sexual partners or were twice as likely to become infected themselves. Although … Continue reading  >

It’s just you and me…and my wife and your boyfriend…

Is it time to adopt a family approach to HIV prevention?
I recently read a couple of articles from the Key Correspondents (KC) that really got me thinking about the HIV risk that married women and women in a monogamous relationship face. Continue reading  >