Stories by Enrique Restoy

What does equal marriage in the UK mean for the global HIV response?

Over 80 countries criminalise homosexuality, and Nigeria, Uganda, Russia, Ukraine, Zimbabwe, and others are taking steps towards further criminalising same sex practices. Despite the news in the UK, this is a stark reminder that in most parts of the World, the battle for equality based on sexual orientation and gender identity is still a matter of human dignity. Continue reading  >

The Power of We: Getting commitment to human rights and HIV in the Commonwealth

We often hear that HIV activism is dead. But a recent example where the International HIV/AIDS Alliance joined forces with other campaigning organisations and partners across the world demonstrated just what the Power of We can achieve in the fight to keep human rights at the top of national and international agendas. Continue reading  >

Protecting the rights of sexual minorities as national values

“There is a need to establish legal and other forms of protection and redress in the event of violence against sexual minorities, in full consultation with them (…) relevant laws should be reviewed to prevent discrimination of persons based on … Continue reading  >

Human Rights Day and HIV: beyond rhetoric

US Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, addressed representatives of world governments a few days ago in Geneva with remarks in recognition of Human Rights Day. She focused her speech on the protection the human rights of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and … Continue reading  >

Communities keeping babies healthy in South Sudan

Claire was born four weeks ago, just a few days before 9 July 2011, which marked the official birth of the Republic of South Sudan, the newest state in the world. Claire’s eyes are just opening to the world in … Continue reading  >

Community campaigning for maternal health in Uganda

As part of the MNCH project, the Alliance in Uganda is playing a pivotal role in the development of the Maternal Health Coalition, a campaign that demands an effective improvement in the delivery of maternal health care all along the health chain in Uganda, Continue reading  >

Historic resolution on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

The Alliance sees the first UN resolution ever to focus exclusively on human rights violations based on sexual orientation and gender identity as an enormously positive step forward. Continue reading  >

Aspiration and belonging: 18 months old and living with HIV in Zambia

Enrique Restoy, manager of the Alliance’s What’s Preventing Prevention Campaign, recently travelled to Zambia where he met Beatrice, an 18-month-old girl who is living with HIV. Beatrice regularly visits the Bwafano Community Health Care Centre, which exemplifies how integrated community responses are reaching people who the state can’t. Continue reading  >