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Gender identity in Argentina: one year on

One year ago, Congress Square in Buenos Aires was alive with people celebrating the approval of a ground-breaking Gender Identity Law in Argentina. Continue reading  >

An Asia-Pacific perspective on the Post-MDG debates

Jet Riparip is the Alliance Regional Representative in the Asia-Pacific Region. She reflects on the key concerns being raised by civil society leaders in the region within the debates about a Post-MDG framework. Continue reading  >

HIV activists and LGBT communities in South America denounce offensive comments by politicians

Recently, there has been an alarming spate of offensive and discriminatory comments made by politicians in several Andean countries.  Yesterday, a former presidential candidate Nelson Zavala in Ecuador was banned from politics for one year after voicing extremely derogatory comments … Continue reading  >

HIV in the future development framework: Can we end AIDS?

Last week we learned that a baby was cured from HIV by treating the infection early. More than 10 years of investments in HIV research have led to major scientific breakthroughs. The Investment Framework, published in the Lancet (2011), outlines … Continue reading  >

Harm reduction outreach: notes from the field

Nikolayev oblast, southern Ukraine: We stand by the little shop in the suburbs of the town, the wind almost blows us away and there is no place to hide from it. Outreach workers from a local NGO, supported by the … Continue reading  >

Healthy people: why civil society needs a seat at the table

Whilst at a meeting called by the Communities Delegation of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria in Amsterdam last month to discuss the proposed New Funding Model, I was sharply reminded why it is that communities and … Continue reading  >

The other epidemic: gender-based violence in India

The world has watched over the past weeks as India has struggled to address the causes and consequences of sexual violence, an all too common part of life in this country. The horror of the December 16th rape and murder in New Delhi has not diminished, its brutality a reminder in extremis of our collective failure to respond to male violence in its myriad manifestations. Continue reading  >

Botswana: proposed Public Health Bill goes against HIV programming best practice

Botswana’s proposed Public Health Bill makes provisions that go against all better knowledge of a best practice approach to HIV programming based on the respect of human rights and leading to positive public health outcomes for all. Continue reading  >

The impact of law on the global HIV response

The launch in the UK of the landmark report of the Global Commission on HIV and the Law: Risks, Rights & Health takes place between the observance of World AIDS Day on 1 December and Human Rights Day, on 10 December. Read this blog about the issues the report raises for the Alliance. Continue reading  >

World AIDS Day 2012 in Nigeria

Spending World AIDS Day in Saki, Oyo State, in Nigeria came with a lot of revelation, reflection and inspiration for me.  The event provided an opportunity to think through how relevant the World AIDS day theme was to the people … Continue reading  >