BBC Three documentary examines homophobia in Uganda

February 16, 2011

Posted by What's Preventing Prevention

Our HIV Prevention Campaign wants to see more effective HIV prevention work.

On Sunday BBC Three broadcast ‘The World’s Worst Place to Be Gay?’, an eye-opening documentary which explores the realities of being LGBT in Uganda and homophobic attitudes in the country.

Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills meets a number of figures key to propagating homophobic attitudes in Uganda including MP David Bahati who proposed the country’s anti-homosexuality bill and Giles Muhame, the editor of Rolling Stone, the Ugandan tabloid which called for homosexuals to be hanged.

He also meets some of the LGBT people in Uganda who face homophobic abuse on a daily basis. This includes members of Sexual Minorities Uganda, the organisation which murdered LGBT activist David Kato was a member of.

The show is still available to watch within the UK on BBC iPlayer and if you feel moved by the stories in this documentary please take action to protect sexual minorities in Uganda by visiting our ‘What’s Preventing Prevention’ campaign.

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