Human Rights Day

December 10, 2010

Posted by What's Preventing Prevention

Our HIV Prevention Campaign wants to see more effective HIV prevention work.

10 December is Human Rights Day, a day to remind ourselves that human rights are essential for HIV responses to be effective.

Far too often the human rights of those who should be protected from HIV and provided with HIV services are breached making these populations more vulnerable to the epidemic; and exposing them to further violations of the rights, to social rejection and to loss of their livelihoods.

For this reason, the Alliance is committed to promote and protect human rights in its mission to support community action, particularly among those most vulnerable and marginalised; to prevent HIV infection; to meet the challenges of HIV; and to build healthier communities.

Human rights survey

In August 2010, the Alliance undertook a human rights survey among its national Linking Organisations and partners worldwide aimed to find out more about the human rights related challenges they face when providing HIV programmes and services. Gender inequality and gender-based discrimination; criminalisation of sex between men, sex work, and injecting drug use; and widespread discrimination against people living with HIV, and other vulnerable and at-risk populations, were the main concerns expressed by our members and partners.

The Alliance carries out a wide range of HIV-related human rights worldwide, especially on building the capacity of right holders to claim their rights. We are determined to building a stronger shared understanding of a human rights approach to providing HIV responses, and delivering on it. We are also committed to building our skills to implement that approach as well as increasing our work to hold duty bearers into account, and empower communities to realise their human rights.

Read the Advancing Human Rights: Responding to HIV report.

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