HIV and Healthy Communities

July 9, 2010

Posted by Alvaro Bermejo

Executive Director, International HIV/AIDS Alliance

We have launched our new strategic framework HIV & Healthy Communities 2010-12 which gives the Alliance a clear way forward over the next three years.

It is the outcome of a lively process of discussions, debates and insights from all of our stakeholders, including donors and linking organisation staff.

The last two strategies have seen the partnership rapidly grow across all continents, and in 2009 we reached 3.2 million people worldwide. Despite political and economic uncertainty we believe it is possible to increase our reach to 4.5 million people each year by 2012.

We expect to achieve this by expanding in the countries we already work in, with a strong focus on Africa. This enables us to reach more people, while eliminating any start up costs.

At the same time the Alliance-supported interventions will be better targeted to reach those communities that are key to the HIV response, and will take a broader approach to address the issues that are central to their vulnerability, such as protecting human rights, and supporting secure livelihoods.

We also expect to see the global health community will work more collaboratively. ‘HIV and Healthy Communities’ embodies our belief that because goals, such as improving maternal health, and reducing HIV, are connected – services should be connected too.

Many Alliance linking organisations already deliver integrated services in one way or another, for example three quarters of Alliance linking organisations were actively integrating sexual and reproductive health into their programmes in 2009. We will continue to make progress on integrated services, and we plan to developing strategic partnerships that help us deliver our aims.

We can expect challenging years ahead, but with the support of all of those that have contributed to shaping this strategy we intend to change the lives of millions more children, women and men who have been affected by HIV and AIDS.

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